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Discover NextgenInnov8

NextgenInnov8 is revolutionizing the way we learn by offering engaging and interactive Host school programs that will help students to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.

In Partnership With

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NextgenInnov8 ensures every student gets more than just education but also growth opportunities for themselves in various fields including coding all throughout politics! NextgenInnov8 will provide the HSA certificate upon successful completion of your course with them.

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Harvard Student Agencies Tutoring

This is an organization exclusively made up of current Harvard students who seek to share their experiences, opportunities, and talents.

NextgenInnov8 Power Of Innovations

An innovation-driven company dedicated to facilitate and bring about innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

Academies @HOME  Harvard student Program

Designed alongside Harvard faculty and professionals to orient high school students in fields such as Pre-Med, Coding, Pre-Law, Entrepreneurship, Business Consulting, and Politics.


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Dr. Sandeep Pachpande
Co-founder of NextgenInnov8

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Director at Keiretsu Forum

Giri Balasubramaniam
Co-founder of Greycaps

Apurva Chamaria
Chief of Staff to CEO & MD of Tech Mahindra.

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Moses Stewart

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I'm an economics student at Harvard, also pursuing a Japanese Language citation. I'm a 2-time DECA Business Competition state champion (in two different states) and international finalist, and I'm also on the board for the Harvard Undergraduate Inclusion in Economics, where I work with Harvard to increase diversity in the field of economics. Finally, I have several years of experience working as a marketing manager and helping businesses develop new strategies.

Our Partnership Programs Unlock Bulk Discount Pricing and We Provide A One-of-kind Experience for Your Students

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Criteria To Be A Host School

To be the host of this program, you have to fulfill the criteria.

You need to invite at least 30 students with you.

The students can be from your school or any other accredited institution.


Benefits Of The Host School

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Opportunities to connect with educational companies, schools, and more.

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The students will gain real-world experience in various industries.

HSA will provide a participation certificate to each student.

The NextgenInnov8 will provide great additional benefits for the Host of a school program.

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Opportunities to connect with educational companies, schools, and more.

Great opportunity to learn business skills from Harvard undergraduates.

Schools are able to Run Exclusive Programs Composed of Students From The Same School, District, Network,

Or Community


Our mission is to bring the best of the world to the rest of the world.

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