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Community Events

27th Oct 2023

HR Summit On "How Training & Development Reinforce the Employer Brand's People-Centric Approach - Fostering Employee Engagement"

The HR Summit is a dynamic event dedicated to exploring the critical link between employee engagement, training, development, and the organization's employer brand.

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06th Oct 2023

Building Together:
Bridging the Generational Gap in Family Businesses

Generational differences can either be a source of tension or a wellspring of innovation in family businesses. Learn how to foster collaboration and bridge gaps to create a dynamic and harmonious work environment.

15th Oct 2023

Family Values and Legacy:
Balancing Tradition and Modernization

Every family business has its unique set of values and traditions. In this session, we’ll explore how to strike a delicate balance between preserving those cherished traditions while embracing modernization and change.

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NGI LOGO-02-02 (1).png

1st Sept 2023

Succession Planning:
Ensuring Continuity and Empowering the Next Generation

Succession planning is the cornerstone of a sustainable family business. Discover the key strategies and tools to smoothly transition leadership, empowering the next generation to carry your legacy forward.

22nd Sept 2023

SMX CSR Leadership Summit & Awards 2023

The SMX CSR Leadership Summit & Awards which was held on 22nd September 2023, we will hear from CSR civil society leaders across India about their challenges, barriers and learning outcomes, and examine the best strategies that associations and CSR heads are embracing in the current scenario.


29th April 2023

IIEE – ASMA Education Innovation Summit on Revisiting the purpose and vision of higher education. - An Imperative to Paradigm shift

21st April 2023

The ASMA Higher Education Summit on Reimagining the Scope of Higher Education in 2030 (Chennai)

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06th Dec 2022

ASMA Higher Education Summit & Awards 2022 - Making India a Hub for Quality Higher Education – Implications for Policy Makers & HEIs (BLGR)

30th Sep 2022

ASMA Higher Education Summit & Awards 2022 - Preparing GenZ for a Fluid World (Mumbai)


26th Aug 2022

ASMA Thought Leadership Forum 2022 - The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Future of Higher Education in India

Past Events

29th July 2022

ASMA Thought Leadership Forum 2022 - Reimagining the Education Ecosystem: Shaping Digital Leaders


Nov 2021

Masterclass on Social Innovation and Crowdfunding

In this online course, you get a general understanding of social innovation responsibility & crowdfunding activities, how it works and what are the important criteria to succeed in the crowdfunding campaign, as well as platforms you can use.


2nd Oct 2021

Electronic World Marketing Summit

In this event, 132+ world-renowned speakers addressed millions of marketers, managers, professionals, and leaders through 48 hours of the webinar.


Dec 2021

World Record

NextgenInnvo8 Global Solutions is now a World Record Holder


For Assembling the Maximum Number of UVC SURAKASHA KIT in a Single Day. 


Oct 2021

World Student Innovation Summit

"In a world deluged with irrelevant information, Clarity is Power," said one thinker. "If there is one power to absolve the world of its problems, it is called Innovation, said another"



custom events

23th Jun 2023


CapitaLand FMConnect 2023 hosted leading facility managers at QParc Navi Mumbai to discuss the technology and trends shaping facility management practices across businesses.


05th Apl 2023

CapitaLand Hope Foundation expands Hope School Programme in Pune

We are delighted to share that we have expanded our Hope School Programme to #Pune! 

31st Mar 2023

We are constantly creating environments that bring our parkites together through their passions.

04th Oct 2022

CapitaLand Dandiya 2022

The Dandiya 22 event for Capitaland was successfully executed by Nextgeninnov8 Global Solutions Pvt Ltd at ITPP Kharadi on 4th October 22.

07th Jun 2022

CapitaLeague 2022 By CapitaLand

One-of-a kind inter corporate sports league for real estate professional started by CapitaLand. This League took place at International Tech Park Pune, Kharadi, state-of-the-art roof top facility


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