• After completing 4 successful batches, where over 800 inspired students from 100 schools raised over 27 lakhs thereby impacting 7000 lives, we are back with another session


In this online course, you will have a general understanding of social innovation responsibility & crowd funding activities, how it works and what are the important criteria to succeed in your crowd funding campaign, as well as platforms you can use. You will also get the opportunity to work on live social responsibility crowd funding project.


Total 5 hrs training Plus 1 month live crowdfunding project (3-4 hours per week on the project)

Day-1: 3 hrs
Day-2: 2 hrs followed by 30 days live project.


Program start date:
28th & 29th August 2021


Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to social responsibility , crowd funding, and how it works.
  • Learn how to make social impact & to fund innovation & creative ideas.
  • Learn the science of communication & how to leverage the social media.
  • Learn about the Driving Forces of Social Responsibility.
  • Understand the difference between donations and crowd funding
  • Know how to run a crowd funding campaign
  • How to use crowd-funding platform.
  • Learn how to use storytelling, technology, social media, and consumer behaviour to make a social impact and help others

Skills you will gain:

  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Develop communication skills
  • Self efficacy
  • Crowd funding
  • Advertising campaign
  • Build online image
  • Cost-Benefit analysis


Session - 1


Intro of Aditya, About Suraksha Box mission, Why social innovation, Aditya’s Crowd funding experience and understanding of crowdfunding, sharing his insights through personal and practical stories.Platform used by him and his experience about it.


What is social responsibility , Social entrepreneurship and what impact you can make with it.


The first session is an introduction to the concept of crowd funding. Participant understands the big picture, how it can be used, and why it is critical for them to learn crowd funding as a life-skill.

Session - 2


Social innovation and entrepreneurship and why it is important. What are non profits and NGO’s. Essential about fundraising.


- Second session is a deep dive into the science of crowd funding where participant learn how to manage their campaigns. This session will teach participant the dos and the dont's of how to run and manage your crowd funding campaigns.

- All the participant campaigns (each participant has one campaign) will be launched as a live project in few hours after the 2nd session.

Project Details:

  • Live Project: Crowdfunding for SURAKSHA BOX, a UVC sterilisation box that helps killing bacteria, germs and virus, including all strains of COVID-19
  • Individual live Campaign will be created for each participant and he/ she has to run the campaign for 30 days to raise the fund ( target amount) by applying the crowd funding skills learned during the course.
  • Project Certificate will be awarded after the successful completion of live project.
  • Participant also get feedback on how the funds collected have been used so that they understand the impact they have made.


Dr. Sandeep Pachpande

Alumni- Harvard Business School

Chairman- ASM Group of Institutes

Aditya Pachpande

Child Prodigy, Young Innovator

Co-founder - NextGenInnov8

Mr. Giri Balasubramaniam (Pickbrain)

Alumni- Harvard Business School

Quizmaster & CEO- Greycaps

Mr. Ranganath Thota

CEO & Founder FuelADream

About NextGenInnov8

Founded by Aditya Pachpande, a young innovator and entrepreneur, NextGenInnov8 is an innovation-driven company dedicated to facilitate and bring about innovative solutions to the world's problems. Where, the mission is "To spark the power of innovation in every child around the world so that they can come up with various creative ideas and solutions to the problems faced by their families, communities and even global issues."

About Fuel a dream

Fuel a dream is a crowdfunding platform that is committed to radically change the lives of 2.2 Bn people across India and Africa. It operates in the donation and rewards space and aims to build a marketplace for Ideas & Causes that will dramatically alter how we fund & what is important to all of us.


  • Certificate jointly given by Greycaps & NextGenInnov8 Foundation
  • Crowd funding project participation certificate by DreamAfuel & NextGenInnov8
  • After completion of the MasterClass course and Live Project, participants will be certified with both Participation and CSR Certificate.

How to enroll: